Dental Implants – Top 5 considerations before having them

Top 5 considerations before having dental implants

Dental implants are a fantastic option for people who have missing teeth and do not wish to endure the discomfort or embarrassment of having dentures. Because they look and function just like the real thing, implants are often a more attractive and convenient solution than any other option. However, choosing to have an implant done is a big decision, and before agreeing to surgery for Dental Implants Glasgow residents should be aware of these top considerations:

Your Health

When it comes to any type of cosmetic dentistry you should be fully open and honest with their dentist about their personal health and any pre-existing medical conditions before any work is done, as this may affect the treatment you receive. Antibiotics may need to be prescribed after the surgery, so any allergies to this medicine need to be mentioned.

As well as this, when having dental implants Glasgow residents need to make it clear if they suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or any heart conditions and should mention if they have recently undergone any surgery or radiotherapy. These issues don’t mean you can’t have the treatment, but for your dental implants Glasgow based dentists may reconsider timing or method of treatment.


As well as being honest about your health, you should also mention any medication you currently take. This includes over the counter medicines as well as prescription medication, and any homeopathic or other alternative remedies you take.


When it comes to paying for dental implants dentists understand it is not a cheap treatment. However, this investment will be one you can enjoy for many years, and will be money well spent as long as you can afford it. Talk to your dentist about payment plans or ways they can help you pay, but only agree to the treatment if you are sure you can afford it.


Having dental implants is not quick. The majority of treatments require at least three appointments over a few months before your new tooth is installed. If you are having more than one tooth put in, or the treatment involves an extraction, then this time commitment may be increased. Make sure you are willing to commit to attending your appointments, and that it won’t interfere with your work or other commitments.


The dental implants Glasgow residents can enjoy do not happen overnight. The surgery is very invasive and may not suit people with a nervous disposition or current dental phobias. If you are nervous of dental treatments, then talk to the cosmetic dentistry Glasgow practitioner about your feelings. Sometimes taking the time to talk through the process and understand what will happen will calm how you feel and make it easier for you, and your dentist, to go through the dental implants process.

Dental Implants – Final Consideration

As well as these considerations, it is important to talk to your dentist about the likelihood of a successful outcome for your implant. Healthy mouths and younger bones are more likely to take well to the implant, but in many cases the person requesting the implant is older and may already have issues with oral health. If you smoke, drink or aren’t dedicated to taking care of your implant, then the chances of success are significantly reduced. However, if you feel you are ready to take responsibility for your oral health and make the necessary changes to ensure your mouth is a healthy place, then a dental implant can change your life for the better, for good.

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